It’s All About Socialization: Single Boomers Aren’t Interested in Marriage




• 45% are not interested in dating

• 56% never go on dates

• 67% engage in social activities at least once a month

• 42% are at least as socially active now as they were at 35 years old

• 28% have sought formal or information education over the past 5 years


Maybe it’s wisdom or no longer sweating the small stuff, but single, female boomers think 55+ is better than being 35 years old.

• 76% are more empowered now than they were at 35

• 54% of single, female boomers are as active or more active than they were at 35

• 76% are more confident than at 35

• 22% even think they are more attractive now than at 35

Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to a long life.

• 38% exercise multiple times a week (weight training, hiking, yoga are most popular)

• At least 75% are active to feel good or optimize health

• 68% rank healthy lifestyle as top priority (aside from time with family, friends)

• 63% spend time outdoors, 54% traveling & 52% cooking